Hot Lakes Rotorua Ukulele Festival



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The Hot Lakes Rotorua Ukulele Festival

3 October to 24 November 2013

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Ukulollo and

  • Ukulollo from Italy
    Fri 8 Nov

  • Ukestration
    from Newcastle
    Sunday 24 November


UKOLOLLO - Friday 8th November - Rotorua Arts Village


Join Lorenzo Vignando from Lucca, Tuscany for a "Woncert" (workshop and concert) and ukulele multimedia experience.

Lorenzo plays, sings live, in duet with himself and syncronized virtual guests projected onto a round screen. Have a look at his you tube videos to get the idea. Part of his programme includes "Kareoke" with words and chords projected onto the screen so that you can sing and play along with him.

His teaching philosophy is "The Power of Division and Right Hand Rhumba and Cha Cha". He teaches the "thinking ahead" method which he says will allow you to play like a professional. He will also haelp you with arranging a song with more than one ukulele and the strums of the Rhumba and Cha Cha Cha.

You'll be impressed!

Lorenzo's Ukulollo in action and Here Comes The Sun - click to enjoy!


UKULELE CLINIC - Wednesday 20th November - Music Works

Get yourself up to speed so that you can join the Ukestration Workshop on Sunday at the Arts Village.

At 1141 Pukuatua Street on Wednesday evening, The Thermaleles will be running a workshop for beginners. You can join other newbies for a couple of hours and come away with sore fingers, a smile on your face, and at least 6 chords and as many songs under your belt!

This clinic truly is one for beginners!


UKESTRATION - Sunday 24th November - Rotorua Arts Village

Ukestration is pretty much as it sounds (orchestrating songs for ukulele), although we convey more than that. Our brief is to get people to play more than just the chords in popular songs, to arrange the songs into parts that challenges people, from beginner parts through to more complex parts for more advanced players. The song selection depends upon the range of skills attending. We choose contemporary songs for this, and are well known as entertaining and vibrant teachers who have done workshops in the US, Vietnam and Singapore, as well as festivals around Australia.

The aim is to sound good for performances, and to provide material that helps people learn more than they usually can in a hum n strum groupFor more information check out their website The Sum Of The Parts or download an information file.


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AJ Leonard & Jenny Rowlands - 5 October

Workshop: 3:30 to 5:00pm; Concert: 7:00pm



Been and gone, sorry you missed it but have a look at everything else on offer!

Multi instrumentalist, arranger and recording artist - one of Australia's pioneer ukulele players

Feted and respected in Hawaii, he is regarded as being among the best in the world

The Museum provided a great "Lounge Room" experience last Saturday night. The appreciative audience was entertained by the whimsical harmonies of local ukulele quintet The Thermaleles followed by AJ Leonard and Jenny Rowlands.

Together, with their love of nostalgia, classical and film music they entertained with a world class virtuoso duet of cello and ukulele, largely instrumental.

Our journey included a Magical Mystery Tour down memory lane through the Beatles, a nostalgic trip back to the ukulele era of the twenties and some of AJ's original numbers. The audience demanded and encore and was rightly entertained by Pink Bond, a medley of the Bond and Pink Panther themes. Check out a dash of Bond, James Bond at the Melbourne Ukulele Festival 2013...


done and dusted, you missed a great one!

Buy your tickets here:

or call Julie on (07) 348 3343 for information.

* 8 November -7:00pm
Rotorua Arts Village
$25 and $15 for under 16

from Tuscany, all in one workshop and concert with

& Ukolollo

*20 November 6-8pm
Music Works,
1141 Pukuatua Street

Ukulele Clinic for Beginners

The Thermaleles

* 24th November
Rotorua Arts Village
$25 and $15 for under 16

all the way from Newcastle Australia

Workshop with:



Events Been & Gone

*5 October
all the way from Melbourne Australia

AJ Leonard

accompained by
Jenny Rowlands
on cello

* 20 October 1:00pm

Ukulele sing-along and open mic at Kiwipaka with

The Thermaleles

* 20 October
all the way from Te Pahu

Work shop: 3:00pm
Concert 7:00pm

Big Muffin Serious Band

concert opened by Rotorua's own


*3 October
The Night Market

and Friends


Celebrating 30 years of manic music and mayhem from the Muffins.

Don't be put off by the mania or the mayhem because the musicianship is top class! The Muffins have been entertaining New Zealanders for three decades and have become a Waikato if not New Zealand institution. Their thirthieth anniversary has even been honoured by an exhibition at the Waikato Museum.

You can expect to laugh, maybe even cry, as you hear some original numbers and some tunes you know, although I guarrantee you'll also hear lyrics you've never heard before. The Muffins honour the art of story telling through their antics of re-enactment of the songs the perform.

The Muffins hit Kiwipaka for a workshop at 3:00pm on Sunday the 20th October. Using their humorous patented "Dancing Chords" method of tuition they teach novices both young and old and anywhere in between. Mostly their material is directed to recent players who want to progress beyond basic three chord songs. They teach basic and slightly more complex chords, different strumming techniques and rhythms, single note melody picking, transposing and arrangement.

To get your full ration of ukulele magic, roll up to Kiwipaka at 1:00pm and join with The Thermaleles for a ukulele sing-along and open mic session.

Food and beverage available through out the event.

The Muffin's clever little "Baz" will be bringing along some of his beautiful Captain ukulele for you to look at and hopefully buy. If you were thinking of buying a new uke then here's the best place to start looking.

Bevan makes beautiful instruments so bring your cheque book!

Captain Ukuleles website

Short Howdy using the Dancing Chords method and a Cha Cha video for a competition that had already closed!

For more Muffin Magic check out their website The Muffin Net

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